Haven Oat Toddler Drink

Oaty goodness for busy growing toddlers

Stage 3 | 12+ Months | 800g cans
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Haven Oat Toddler Drink is the World's first 100% plant-based oat toddler drink, scientifically formulated for little ones aged 12+ months.

Packed full of planty goodness, Haven Oat is the premium choice for parents raising plant-based children.  It is nutritionally equivalent to our A2 cow or goat toddler milk. 

  • Proudly New Zealand made
  • Crafted with premium oat powder
  • Fortified with oat protein
  • Prebiotics + unique dairy-free probiotics
  • Plant-based Omega 3 DHA from marine algae
  • Lutein for eye health
  • 16 key vitamins and minerals
  • Designed for sensitive little tummies
  • Naturally Gentle
  • Easy to Digest
  • No Dairy, Palm oil, Soy oil or Fish Oil
  • A sprinkle of love
*This product is manufactured on the same line that processes milk
*Contains Gluten

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    Our World-first oat-based formulation is full of 100% planty goodness including oat powder and oat protein, prebiotics and unique dairy-free probiotics, DHA, Lutein and 16 key vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of active toddlers.

    You can rest-assured it's full of wholesome dairy-free oaty goodness to the very last drop